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Residential Electrical Services

Residential Electrical Services

A Fast, Friendly & Affordable Electrical Services on the Northern Beaches

Elected Services are the domestic electrical service specialists on the Northern Beaches and North Shore. We can attend to your complete list of electrician jobs around your home, such as replacing light globes or replacing light fittings, replacing cracked or broken switches or power points, installing ceiling fans, heat lamps or a heated towel rail in the bathroom, doing the wiring for air conditioning or connecting a new Oven or Hotplate and much more.

Here are just some of our residential electrical services. Click on the links to read more:

New Home Electrical Wiring

If you’re building a new home or renovating an old one, it pays to get it right. That’s where Elected Services shine. Our years of experience can help you plan for all your electrical requirements, for now and into the future. We can not only connect your new home to the electricity supply, but we can professionally install all of your electrical appliances and install your lighting, TV, Data and Power outlets to where you will need them. We can wire just one room or your entire house. We are happy to work with your Builder, Plumber or Kitchen installer to wire your bathroom or kitchen, lounge room, living room, Home office or any room in the home…quickly, safely, affordably and with minimum fuss. Call us now on (02) (02) 9948 5950 (mobile: 0407 228 443) for an obligation-free quote.

House Rewiring

Why take a risk with old, corroded and potentially dangerous electrical wiring when we can professionally inspect and replace any suspect wiring. If your home was built before or during the late eighties, it could be at risk. If you are concerned about the safety of your existing electrical wiring, do not delay. For absolute peace of mind, call now to arrange a detailed safety inspection and we’ll supply you with a complete unbiased report and, if you wish, a free quote on rewiring.

Pre-Purchase Electrical Inspections

Stop! Before you buy any home – new or old – you should arrange a professional inspection of its electrical wiring. This is something that Elected Services excel at; we are members of the Institute of Electrical Inspections after all. Call us and we’ll arrange a convenient time to go through the house or unit from top to bottom, inside and out. Then we’ll supply you with either a ‘clean bill of health’ or a full list of what should be done to make it safe and sound. Call us now on 02-9948 5950 (mobile: 0407 228 443).

Hot Water Repairs

If your hot water tap is on and the water is running but its all cold, it is time to call Elected Services. The good news is that your hot water unit may not need replacing, just repairing (bearing in mind that the average life expectancy of a tank water heater is around 10 or 11 years.)  If you’re unsure, call Elected Services and we will check it out and let you know the right course of action. If it is repairable we can replace the element or the thermostat and have your water heating in time for your next shower, if not we can organise a replacement. And don’t forget we offer an emergency electrical service. It’s all part of the service.

Safety Switches

Safety switches are an absolute must in every home on both the Power and Lighting circuits because they can detect stray electrical currents flowing through the body and swing into action within 30 milliseconds - less than a human heart beat. We will use metering equipment to measure the earth leakage current of electrical wiring and electrical appliances before recommending the right type of safety switches for your needs based on the number of appliances you’re operating and the number of circuits in your home. Call us today because safety switches do save lives.

Switchboard & Meter Box Upgrades

If you have ever had to go looking for fuse wire in the dark of night or in the midst of winter after plugging in that extra heater, then you still have the old white porcelain fuses on your switchboard. It is time to make the move into the 21st century and have Safety Switch / Circuit Breakers installed to protect your circuits and your life, not to mention the convenience of being able to simply turn the switch back on. Its now time to and upgrade your switchboard.

Circuit breakers turn off in a fraction of the time it takes for a wire fuse to blow, thus reducing the time for damage to occur to equipment or for fires to start. Elected Services can supply and install a range of switch gear, Safety Switches and Circuit Breakers to protect you your family and your property. For absolute peace of mind, call us now on (02) (02) 9948 5950 (mobile: 0407 228 443) for an obligation-free quote on upgrading or repairing your Switchboard or Meter box.

Metering, Service Work and Private Poles

Metering & Service work and the installation of private poles is the work of  Specialist Authorised Service providers and at Elected Services we can provide you with such services. When rewiring your home or upgrading your switchboard, be it 3 phase or single phase you may wish to or need to install a private pole for the reconnection of your electricity supply, its all part of the Service. We can install a pole on your boundary and run your cables underground to your house, thus removing the need for overhead  cables from the street pole to your home.

If your are increasing your energy loading,having a second story built or installing Air conditioning, a spa or a pool you might like to call us to check that your Mains Cables & Switchboard have enough capacity to take the increase in load. Call us now on (02) (02) 9948 5950 (mobile: 0407 228 443).

Garden Lighting

There is nothing like the ambience of a beautifully lit garden at night and Elected Services has the experience and skill to design and install the most exquisite garden lighting on the Northern Beaches and the North Shore. We can totally transform your front or back yard with garden lighting that is both energy efficient and practical. From subtle uplighting of trees and shrubs to the traditional floodlighting of lawns and the up - down lights of columns and pathways through to robust waterproof designs and the very latest in colour changing LED technology, we have innovative solutions that will make your garden simply magical. To arrange a quote on your garden lighting, call us now on (02) (02) 9948 5950 (mobile: 0407 228 443).

Security Lighting

It’s a fact that burglars, vandals and other lowlife avoid well lit areas like the plague. You can leave lights on inside your home and on the porch; however the best solution is to install fully integrated security lighting, that turn on only when you want them to. Elected Services can install motion sensors linking lights at your front and back doors, along pathways and other strategic areas to deter unwanted visitors. Motion sensors can be integrated with your existing lighting or additional lights can be added. Motion sensors operate only at night and only when there is movement, making them efficient to run and, according to police and neighborhood watch groups, extremely effective. You can have lights come on to welcome you home, while giving you security and peace of mind for when you are away. Call now (02) (02) 9948 5950 (mobile: 0407 228 443)

Pool Lighting

Your pool can be a real feature by day or by night with pool and garden feature lighting supplied and installed by Elected Services. We use low voltage Halogen and LED underwater lighting (ideal for fountains, ponds and other water features too) to superb effect in creation landscape and  mood lighting. We can transform your pool area or garden into a beautifully calm and tranquil night time wonderland.

Problematic pool lights can now be replaced with water tight halogen and efficient LED light fittings without the need to empty your pool. (This is subject to the condition of the original wiring.)

Call us now on (02) (02) 9948 5950 (mobile: 0407 228 443) for an obligation-free quote on your pool lighting.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a low cost alternative to air-conditioning, using only 1 – 2% of the energy while providing good air flow in both summer and winter, yes in winter too. Ceiling fans on the winter setting return the heat accumulated near the ceiling back down to floor level were it is required and this in turn will reduce your heating costs at the same time.

Elected Services can supply and install a full range of attractive modern ceiling fans, with or with out lights and remote controls to match your décor throughout your home. Talk to us today about the many superb styles available and do so before the weather gets too hot.

Stove Connections/ Disconnections

For fast, affordable, hassle-free stove connections and disconnections look no further than Elected Services. With over 32 years’ experience, no one gets a stove in or out like us. This service extends to hotplates & wall ovens as well.

Smoke Detectors

By law you must have a working smoke alarm installed on each level of your home. We strongly recommend two or more smoke detectors strategically positioned where smoke would accumulate to protect your exits, and preferably hardwired in for total peace of mind 24/7/365.

Heat Lamps

If your shower or bathroom is unbearably cold in winter, a heat lamp from Elected Services should do the trick. We have a terrific range of styles and sizes to choose from, so call us now for an obligation-free quote.

For more information about our domestic, commercial electrical or industrial electrician services or for an obligation-free quote, please contact us on (02) (02) 9948 5950 (mobile: 0407 228 443) or email

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Residential Electrical Services


Residential Electrical Services


Residential Electrical Services


Residential Electrical Services


Residential Electrical Services


Residential Electrical Services